It’s #cummingsnation And The Rest Of Us Just Live In It

FARGO — Brad Schlossman is best known in this area as a sportswriter for the Grand Forks Herald who covers University of North Dakota hockey for that publication. He is the author of the high-traffic University of North Dakota hockey blog.

Schlossman is also a long-time friend of Mike Cummings, who is an assistant director of media relations for the Kansas City Royals. Schlossman and Cummings graduated together from Fargo South in 2000 and were college roommates for three years at UND.

cummings mug

Mike Cummings

Schlossman has turned that friendship into a silly bit on social media the last couple of years as the Royals have reached the World Series. Schlossman will DVR games and wait for a postgame camera shot that includes Cummings, then snap a picture of it and post it on Facebook with the hashtag #cummingsnation.

For example:

Cummings nation 1

It’s pretty good stuff. Sort of like an easy version of “Where’s Waldo,” except Cummings is usually adorned in a royal blue tie instead of the goofy hat and striped shirt. Or maybe it’s more like an unintentional photo bomb. At the forefront of most photos is a famous Royals player like Eric Hosmer or Mike Moustakas and in the background somewhere is Cummings.

You can look for Cummings as the Royals and Mets continue the World Series.

Or you can keep up to date by following Schlossman’s Facebook feed here.

As a media-relations director, Cummings’ job is to handle media interview requests and direct media traffic after games. With the Royals’ success the past couple of years, Cummings has received a lot of incidental face time on TV.

Cummings media career started at The Forum, where he was a sports department intern in the early 2000s. He also worked for a short time at the Herald.

Since then he’s been in the media relations field, first at Virginia Tech in 2005 than at the University of Kansas from 2006-2013. He’s been with the Royals for three seasons.

The Forum’s Kevin Schnepf profiled Cummings during last fall’s Kansas City playoff run.

In that story, Cummings said: “Baseball has always been my passion. I think every kid dreams of playing in the major leagues someday. But I never thought about working in baseball in the capacity that I’m doing now. It’s pretty cool.”

As the Royals and Mets work their way toward the end of the 2015 World Series, look for our local boy done good somewhere in the background of a camera shot. It’s #cummingsnation and the rest of us are just living in it.

Cummings nation 3