Some Good News On Patches, The Dog With The Broken Leg

FARGO — On the good news front today …

Homeward Animal Shelter officials say enough money has been raised to cover the cost of leg surgery for Patches the dog.

Patches was surrendered to the shelter after it slipped on the ice and broke its leg. The caretakers couldn’t afford the surgery and asked the shelter to step in.

Because the surgery costs about $1,200, Homeward set up a PayPal account and asked people to donate to cover the cost.

In two days, donations reached $1,200. So Homeward removed the link to the account.

I asked Heather Clyde of Homeward Animal Shelter for additional information on Patches and here is what she passed along:

“Patches is a 6 month old female Pit bull mix who was rescued from the Fargo pound. She was originally surrendered to the pound due to a badly broken leg that the caretakers could not afford to fix. It sounds like she’s been passed around a few times already, in various homes, and the people that were taking care of her had more or less had Patches ‘dumped’ on them, as the previous owner was not in a position to take her back. She’s a very sweet girl and luckily, her leg will be able to be fully repaired and she should be back to be a crazy puppy soon.

Patches will have her leg surgery fully paid by donations and needs a home.

“We raised the full amount in two days. Once we had raised the $1,200 yesterday afternoon, we removed the link from the page to make the donations and announced it to everyone.

“And as far as giving Patches back, I actually got that question on our Facebook page and responded like this: ‘It’s our understanding that the people that surrendered her had been watching her for someone and sadly, that person didn’t come back for her. So as much as we would like to reunite them, it doesn’t sound like they had really intended on keeping her, and that the last owner isn’t in a position to take her back either.’

“I understand people wanting to give her back to the people that surrendered her, but they were simply watching the dog for someone they knew and that person never came back for her, essentially leaving them with a dog that they had not intended on having. And then adding on the expense of a broken leg was more than they could handle, and since the dog had been in their care for so long, legally they were the owners, and they did what they felt was best.”

I asked Heather if anybody was showing any interest in Patches for full-time adoption.

“There have been a few interested people on Facebook, however, no one has applied to adopt her yet. Ideally, we’d like to find someone who is interested in adopting, but would be willing to foster her first, while she heals, so we don’t have to put her in a foster home and then switch her to an adoptive home later. Currently, we are still looking for either a foster home to take care of her until she’s fully healed or an adoptive home to foster her before finalizing the adoption.”

Here is your opportunity, folks, to rescue a beautiful dog from Homeward Animal Shelter. Patches needs a home.