LISTEN: Radio Caller Says Public Education System Broken, But Can’t Name One Thing Broken About It


Was talking about public education on my 970 WDAY radio show today, mostly as it related to the ridiculous comments from from Trump administration official Mick Mulvaney that after-school programs and free- and reduced-lunch programs don’t show “results” and “aren’t working” so they need to have their budgets cut.

First phone call I took was from “Bob,” who said the public education system has so many things broken in it that it needs to be overhauled.

So I asked the obvious question: Give me a couple of examples of how the system is broken. One, two, three. Cite some examples so we can advance the conversation.

Bob didn’t, or probably more accurately couldn’t (because he didn’t know). It is something that continually fascinates me. People will gripe and complain about something, but when asked specifics … can’t go any deeper than griping and complaining and using extremely broad generalities.

Give his phone call a quick listen here:

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In fairness, subsequent e-mailers outlined a few things they thought could be fixed or improved in the public education system. Some of them were quite good.

But the idea somebody would call a radio show specifically to complain about how bad the public education system is in this country — and then not be able to cite one specific example of (in his opinion) what’s wrong with in it is astounding. Or something.