UPDATED: Cramer Just Can’t Help Trying To Be The Trumpiest Of All

In his never-ending obsession to paint The Media as hating on Donald Trump, Kevin Cramer used a twisted defense of White House spokesman Sean Spicer that is garnering North Dakota’s lone U.S. representative national attention.

Capital T, capital M on The Media, by the way, because we’re all on the same team to work against Making America Great Again. That’s how things work.

Appearing on a Bismarck, N.D., radio station, Cramer said Wednesday the analogy made by Spicer earlier this week comparing the use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Adolf Hitler is “not without some validity.”

It was first reported nationally by CNN. Other web sites soon picked it up.

Spicer came under heavy criticism after saying Tuesday of Assad, “you had someone who was as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” Spicer was defending the U.S. use of missiles to strike an air base in Syria.

History has something else to say about Hitler. Germany used hydrogen cyanide gas to kill millions of Jews in European concentration camps (referred to by Spicer as “Holocaust centers,” by the way). Jews were taken into death camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka and forced into “showers” where they would be gassed. About 6,000 Jews a day died at Auschwitz at the height of Nazi atrocities.

After trying awkwardly a couple of times to clarify his words — including trying to explain that Assad used bombs to deliver chemical weapons while Hitler did not use them on a battlefield, as if that somehow makes Hitler’s savagery less heinous than Assad’s savagery — Spicer finally issued a full-blown apology with contrition for which the Trump administration is not known. Even Spicer realized the error of his ways, or at least realized not to dig himself any deeper of a hole.

That was left up to Cramer.

“The media is so gullible, they fall for these things because they think it’s really hot stuff and the public just can’t wait to stick it to Sean Spicer — who 99% of the people wouldn’t have the foggiest idea who he is and it distracts them from other things,” Cramer said. “I can’t even believe that anybody in the media, much less all of the major networks, led with this story. A spokesperson, who by the way made a poor illustration, but it’s not completely, it’s not without some validity.”

I sent an e-mail to Cramer spokesman Adam Jorde asking for further clarification. He offered an interview with Cramer on my radio show Thursday morning and said Cramer would not be available any further on Wednesday. Jorde also sent a link to an interview Cramer did with Rob Port on 970 WDAY Wednesday afternoon.

CNN contacted Cramer for additional comment and he replied: “My point is the media is making a big deal out of a poor illustration by a spokesperson who apologized.

“A very poor illustration even if technically true. Not an excuse, for which he apologized. But the media is obsessed with any little thing they can exaggerate about Trump.”

UPDATE: Later Wednesday, Cramer doubled down on his comments by posting on Twitter: “CNN & media make my point! Obsession with Press Sec mistake is headline news to them. Not the innocent civilians bombed with chem weapons!”

The congressman must not have paid much attention to the dastardly media last week, or recently. A Google news search to .60 seconds to reveal 6.48 million online new articles on the Assad chemical attacks.

The media did not ignore the chemical attacks, nor the U.S. response. They did exaggerate about Spicer. This was the White House spokesman, the surrogate of the president, justifying military force by telling a blatant and obvious lie.

The press corps covering Spicer’s comments, and most Americans in general, were startled by what Spicer said because it was another in a long line of lies told by the Trump administration. The media called out Spicer for lying that Hitler never used chemical weapons on his own people. He did not attempt to clarify his statement until the media, and the public, loudly pointed out the error of his ways. It’s estimated 6 million Jews and 5 million other persecuted groups died during the Holocaust.

The country was also horrified that Trump’s surrogate tried to rank the use of chemical weapons, with one somehow being worse than the other. Essentially what Spicer said was, “Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people was worse than Hitler’s because Assad used it with bombs. Hitler just gassed prisoners.”

Spicer tried to draw a distinction between the use of battlefield chemical weapons and those used in concentration camps. And this how Cramer tried to wriggle out of his mess. He said Spicer’s comments were “a factual statement.” He later repeated the claim that Spicer’s analogy was “technically true.”

Cramer fails to realize a) that’s not what Spicer said originally and b) by defending Spicer’s words he, too, is assigning rank to levels of chemical warfare. It would have been wise for Cramer to say, “All use of chemical weapons of any kind is unacceptable and Sean Spicer was wrong to say what he said.”

But Cramer doesn’t operate that way. He is determined to prove he is the Trumpiest of all Trumpers and that the president and all his men are never wrong, even when they themselves admit they are.

Cramer, too, has positioned himself as the No. 1 media critic in Washington. It is obvious by his actions and the words of his sycophants. Cramer recently mailed media bias questionnaires to the major broadcast networks in a publicity ploy that appears to have been largely ignored by media outside North Dakota. His media sympathizers in North Dakota habitually refer to “fake news” and “media bias,” taking a cue from from their leader.

Cramer is so deep into the weeds that he can no longer identify when the media, and the public, have rightly pointed out a misstep by the Trump administration. In this case, even the Trump administration knew the Trump administration made an embarrassing mistake. But Cramer couldn’t detect it and instead defended it, all because he believes there is a widespread plot against the president.

By The Media, of course. Capital T, capital M.