CNN: Some Republicans Want Campbell, Not Cramer, To Run Against Heitkamp

CNN is reporting that some Washington, D.C., Republicans, nervous that Rep. Kevin Cramer has the propensity to say outlandish things, are wooing state Sen. Tom Campbell of Grafton to run against U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in 2018.

“Senior Senate GOP officials have grown concerned that Rep. Kevin Cramer’s penchant for controversial remarks could damage their chances at one of the party’s most prized opportunities to pickup the crucial seat occupied by Heitkamp, a rare Democratic statewide officeholder in the conservative state,” CNN reported. “Cramer’s latest remark: Defending Sean Spicer this week in the aftermath of the White House spokesman’s widely condemned comments about Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.”

Campbell is “definitely” going to run for either the House seat vacated if Cramer runs for Senate or for Heitkamp’s Senate seat, according to a campaign consultant quoted by CNN.

Republicans are said to be nervous about Cramer’s “Akin-like tendencies” to say controversial things, referring to GOP candidate Todd Akins, who in 2012 lost a Senate race in Missouri.

Cramer, who says he is still undecided about running against Heitkamp, dismissed concerns of GOP insiders.

“This is what the people in the swamp think: We can’t have this overexposed guy who has 100% name ID and says things that are on his mind,” Cramer told CNN. “What they don’t calculate is how very much appreciated that is in places like North Dakota.”

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