WATCH: It Was No Lake Superior, But Devils Lake Had Big Waves, Too

The high winds this week helped Duluth, Minn., make news for an unfortunate reason. The waves riled up on Lake Superior crashed into a popular walkway along the lake and caused damage.

The waves weren’t quite that big on North Dakota’s Devils Lake, but they weren’t small. More than a walleye chop, shall we say.

Here’s some video sent to me by Devils Lake resident Jay Hagen. It’s along Highway 57 south of the city of Devils Lake on the way to Fort Totten, near Sullys Hill National Wildlife Refuge.

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Those waves are impressive, but their size is muted by the fact the North Dakota Department of Transportation built up Highway 57 several years ago to make it safer with the high water levels in Devils Lake.

Before the highway was raised, high winds on the lake wreaked havoc with the roadway … as evidenced by this 2010 video shot by the DOT.

It happened again in 2011, when high winds overtook a road. This, too, was Highway 57.