N.D. Republican Candidate Emineth Looks As A Tough As A Tissue

Gary Emineth, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from North Dakota, is a godly man. Just ask him. He told Rob Port on 970 WDAY that he shared and liked Islamophobic social media posts because he’s a devout Christian. And besides, in his words, “so what?”

“No big deal,” Emineth said. “I’m not stressed out over it.”

It’s odd that a self-described devout Christian who trumpets religious freedom would advocate denying religious freedom to others but, hey, so what? No big deal. Gary’s probably not stressing out over his hypocrisy. There’s a country to save from godless liberals and Muslims, after all. Mostly Muslims, if Gary’s social media feeds are any indication.

That’s probably, too, why Gary is not stressed out over his waffling on whether or not to be a Trump Tough Guy. Since CNN reported some of the Islamophobic and otherwise offensive social media postings made by Emineth, including one in which he referred to former President Barack Obama as a “POS,” Gary has said “Bring it on.” He’s going to own his words, dang nab it, and he’s going to say whatever’s on his mind, just like his boy President Donald Trump.

There’s only one small problem with Emineth’s alleged toughness. CNN reported that after it pored over Gary’s social media feeds, the Facebook and Twitter posts in question were deleted. Scrubbed. Made to disappear. That means whoever’s in charge of Gary’s social media — Gary, presumably — took the time to go through the feeds and delete posts. Likely because he believed they would get him in trouble. So before owning his words and encouraging his opponents and the media to bring it on, Emineth tried to hide his words and hope his opponents and media would never see them.

That’s kind of Phony Tough Guy stuff, not Trump Tough Guy stuff. But, so what? No big deal. Gary’s probably not stressed out over it.

All of that confusing behavior, however, pales in comparison to the most confusing of all in this tale of toughness.

CNN reported Emineth referred to Obama as a “POS” in a Facebook post. POS is a common online acronym for “piece of sh**.” Considering Gary’s obvious antipathy for Democrats in general — he once gave out former U.S. Rep. Earl Pomeroy’s cell phone number to the entire North Dakota Republican convention, causing a major headache for Pomeroy and his family — and Obama in specific, it would not be surprising for a Trump Tough Guy like Emineth to refer to the President of the United States as a POS.

Emineth abhors political correctness, after all, and vows to say whatever’s on his mind.

Except that, when confronted by Forum Communications Co. reporter Sam Easter and Port about his POS post, Gary pleaded ignorance to the meaning of POS. He said he didn’t know what POS meant until recently and, probably, was referring to Obama as “POTUS” — the acronym for President of the United States — in his post.

“You know what POS stands for in my world? I’m in the grocery business — point of sale. It’s the cash register,” Emineth said. “I’m dead serious. I went back and looked at the (CNN story) that they posted and if you read what I said, I meant to type POTUS and it came out POS.”

(Sidebar: I tried numerous times to get Twitter and Facebook to auto-correct POTUS to POS and couldn’t do it. Perhaps Gary has magical social media powers the rest of us don’t.)

Lying is a sin, as Gary well knows. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor,” the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:16) tell us. And so we would never, ever accuse Gary of not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But it seems a little odd he would refer to Obama, a politician he despises, as a “point of sale.” It also seems odd Gary would feel the need to make a declarative statement that Obama is a “President of the United States,” especially since in other posts he referred to Obama as a socialist and a Muslim.

“Obama is a such a point of sale.”

“Obama is such a President of the United States. ”


We certainly don’t believe Emineth would refer to Obama as a “person of success” or a “picture of solitude” or a “prince of superiority.” No, it seems as if POS has only one obvious meaning. But if Gary says he meant to type POTUS and not POS, given his devoutness, we’ll have to believe him.

After all, if he did mean POS in its popular meaning, Gary would surely claim that as a badge of honor. He is, remember, taking on political correctness and talking tough like Trump. That’s his brand. He owns it. Bring it on.

Except in the cases in which he weaseled out and backed off being a Trump Tough Guy because he didn’t want anybody to know what he posted on social media. Some might accuse Emineth himself of being a POS because of that.

A purveyor of speciousness. POS.

What did you think we meant?