For Conservative Radio Host’s Benefit, Here Is NDSU Police Report On Will Gardner

Fargo-based radio host Scott Hennen raised the specter that teen-aged female victims of window-peeper Will Gardner might have “tried to lure somebody in to watch” by leaving their curtains open.

Hennen also dismissed the one-time North Dakota Secretary of State candidate’s 2006 citation for peeping into numerous windows at a North Dakota State University freshman female dorm as a one-time “mistake” that should be forgiven. The radio host also wondered why Gardner’s political career might be finished because of window-peeping while the Democratic candidate Josh Boschee’s career continues even though Boschee is openly homosexual, a “sin” in Hennen’s view.

In a roughly 3 1/2 minute monologue on Gardner and Boschee this week, Hennen begins by saying, “What we saw in the paper on Friday doesn’t define one man. It’s a mistake.”

Gardner was the Republican Secretary of State candidate who said he will drop out of the race after The Forum reported on a 2006 incident in which he was cited for disorderly conduct after getting caught looking into multiple windows of a female dorm at NDSU.

Hennen began his monologue by telling a story about being “out and about at a lot of different grad parties and things and I heard people chattering about this.”

Hennen said he heard many people say, “I blame the girl. What were the drapes doing open in this dorm? What was she thinking? Was that intended? Did she try to lure somebody in to watch?”

Hennen doesn’t say if he read the NDSU police report relating to the incident. But if he had he might’ve replied to these “people” who blamed “the girl” that Gardner was actually caught looking into “at least 6 different room windows on the west side of South Weible,” according to the police report. “It should be noted that some of these windows were lighted and the rooms clearly occupied as this was going on. At one point, as Motl (the security guard who initially spotted Gardner) watched him, William appeared to get ‘spooked’ and quickly returned to his van, bent and acted as if he was tying his shoe for a moment, before returning to look into more windows.”

Hennen doesn’t stop there. In the course of defending Gardner, he brings up Boschee’s sexual orientation (Boschee was North Dakota’s first openly gay legislator when he was elected as a state representative from north Fargo) and wonders why Gardner’s political career might be over while Boschee’s continues even though, in Hennen’s words, he’s “openly sinning.”

“Interesting contrast between those two, but it speaks volumes about our society and our culture and where we’re at,” Hennen said. “People don’t see it as Josh Boschee openly sinning as a gay person who talks about being a gay person and who is partially defined by being a gay person and that’s been his thing. …”

“Will Gardner screwed up 12 years ago. The people who matter most in that screw up have gotten what they should get — a sorry. Repentance. Ajudication in a court of law for doing it. I don’t think it’s the end of the world politically. I don’t know, maybe. It’s bizarre to me that one is and one isn’t politically.”

So Hennen is saying that Gardner’s sex-based window-peeping is less of a problem than Boschee’s sexual orientation. Gardner literally was found guilty of victimization innocent young women at NDSU and Hennen believes that is OK compared to Boschee’s orientation because Gardner — according to Hennen — has paid his legal price,squared things away with his wife and asked forgiveness from God.

If more offensive words have been spoken this week on a radio station in America, please alert me.

Also keep in mind: Gardner was originally charged with surreptitious intrusion and the charging documents said he had “the intent to arouse, appeal to, or gratify the defendant’s lust, passions or sexual desires.” It’s a sexual offense in state codes, but Gardner’s lawyer pleaded down the charge to disorderly conduct.

From implying that ONE young woman purposely tempted an innocent Gardner into window-peeping her to making Boschee’s sexual orientation (over which he has no choice) into a worse offense than window-peeping, Hennen’s monologue was sickening.

You can listen to Hennen’s entire monlogue here:

For Hennen’s benefit, just so he’s clear on how innocent the 29-year-old married father of two (at the time) Gardner was, here are highlights of the NDSU police report related to Gardner’s arrest in 2006. It happened on Jan. 13, 2006 and was written by an officer Marc Baetsch. He was one of three officers who responded to security guard Timothy Motl’s call about a person creeping around South Weible Hall.

On Friday, January 13, 2006 at approx 0005 hrs., I was on patrol with Officer Berg when I heard NDSU Public Safety Officer Tim Motl call that he was watching someone acting suspiciously in the PH parking lot. He said that there was a male subject who appeared to be peering into the windows of South Weible Hall, which is a female residence hall. Motl said the subject had arrived in a silver van, and was walking along the west side of South Weible hall, crouching down and peering into windows.

Officer Berg and I arrived along with Officer Sanden. Before we had even entered the parking lot I could see the silver van, ND HKT-897, parked and idling, in PH Lot, and I saw a white male standing right up against the west wall of South Weible. He did not appear to notice us, and was walking slowly in a half-crouch along the wall. As Officer Berg called out the license plate of the van, I exited approached the male.

I asked him for some identification, and he said he didn’t have any. He told me that he was out for a walk. When I asked for his identification, he said he had ID in his van, but was reluctant to go get it. When I asked his name, he said that he didn’t feel he needed to tell me. After prompting from Officer Sanden he gave his name as William Gardner. He stated he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and that this was public property so he could walk where he wanted to. He said he wasn’t a student or employee of NDSU and did not know South Weible was a residence hall. He stated several times that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that he had a right to be there. I tried to explain to him that what I saw him doing looked very suspicious, and he denied looking in any windows.

Officer Berg approached me and told me that his belt and wallet were laying in plain view on the front seat of the van. She also indicated that his pants were unzipped and that his shirt front was pulled out. When I asked him about the condition of his clothing, he said he had just come from work, but was not willing to tell us where he worked. I told him that he wasn’t under arrest, but I wanted him to have a seat in the back of my car. He consented, and I left the door open and informed him two or three more times that he wasn’t under arrest.

… He said he stepped out of the van less than a minute before we arrived on scene. I told him that couldn’t be true, as our witness had watched him for several minutes and it took more than a minute for responding officers to get there. He said that he didn’t think he didn’t anything wrong, and that NDSU was public property and so he should be able to go anywhere on campus.

I then asked PSO Motl to come to my location. He stated that he had watched William for approx 2-3 minutes before calling us. He said that he had seen William crouch and peer very closely, with his face basically right up to the glass, into at least 6 different room windows on the west side of South Weible. It should be noted that some of these windows were lighted and the rooms clearly occupied as this was going on. At one point, as Motl watched him, William appeared to get “spooked” and quickly returned to his van, bent and acted as if was tying his shoe for a moment, before returning to look into more windows.