When ‘He’s Just Doing His Job’ Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse

Being a fake member of the fake media passing off fake news to unsuspecting consumers doesn’t tend to endear you to the public. Even after 30 years in the business, I can’t get used to people taking two steps back and dousing themselves in disinfectant when I introduce myself as a newspaper writer and talk-show…
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LISTEN: ‘Negative Dave’ Puts A Wrap On The Minnesota Wild Season

Twin Cities sports Twitter commentator “Negative Dave” joined “The Mike McFeely Show” on Tuesday to wrap up the Minnesota Wild’s playoff series loss to the St. Louis  Blues. He was negative.

LISTEN: Big Walleyes Being Taken Out Of Devils Lake ‘a Drop In The Bucket’

It’s an annual rite of spring in North Dakota: Sportsmen wondering — sometimes it’s more like griping — if anglers catching and keeping big walleyes from the coulees and ditches of Devils Lake damages the lake’s population. “Why doesn’t North Dakota close their walleye season like Minnesota? People keeping those big females has to devastate…
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LISTEN: ‘Negative Dave’ On Bumpkinville (Fargo) And The Mild Being Down 3-0

Twin Cities sports “analyst” Negative Dave made a return appearance on the “Mike McFeely Show” on 970 WDAY on Monday morning, giving his latest takes on former NDSU athletic director Gene Taylor getting a job at Kansas State and the Minnesota Wild being down 3-0 to the St. Louis Blues.

Cramer’s Fundraising Far Behind Heitkamp’s

U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer raised about $322,000 in the first quarter of 2017, far behind the campaign total raised by his potential opponent in a 2018 Senate race in North Dakota. Filings with the Federal Election Commission show Cramer’s fundraising committee, Cramer for Congress, raised $322,390 in the first three months of the year and…
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