CNN: Some Republicans Want Campbell, Not Cramer, To Run Against Heitkamp

CNN is reporting that some Washington, D.C., Republicans, nervous that Rep. Kevin Cramer has the propensity to say outlandish things, are wooing state Sen. Tom Campbell of Grafton to run against U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in 2018. “Senior Senate GOP officials have grown concerned that Rep. Kevin Cramer’s penchant for controversial remarks could damage their…
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LISTEN: Negative Dave Makes Show Debut And Insults Host, Bison And Everything Else

Twitter “personality” Negative Dave made his 970 WDAY debut today to comment on the Minnesota Wild’s overtime loss to St. Louis in the NHL playoffs. He insulted the Wild and their players — and found time to insult just about everything else, too. So negative.

UPDATED: Cramer Just Can’t Help Trying To Be The Trumpiest Of All

In his never-ending obsession to paint The Media as hating on Donald Trump, Kevin Cramer used a twisted defense of White House spokesman Sean Spicer that is garnering North Dakota’s lone U.S. representative national attention. Capital T, capital M on The Media, by the way, because we’re all on the same team to work against Making…
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LISTEN: Sheriff’s Department Says Casselton Drug Raid A Response To Citizens, Information

A drug raid in Casselton, N.D., this week resulted in four people being charged with mostly minor offenses involving small amounts of marijuana. Some in the community are questioning why the Cass County Sheriff’s Department raided such low-level offenders. The department’s spokesman, Sgt. Tim Briggeman, was a guest on the ‘Mike McFeely Show’ on 970…
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Despite Discriminatory Law, Games Will Go On In S.D.

FARGO — Worry not, North Dakota State and Minnesota State University Moorhead sports fans who want to travel to Sioux Falls, S.D., for postseason tournaments. South Dakota’s legislature might have legalized discrimination against same-sex couples, but the NCAA  apparently doesn’t think the fine folks to our south went too far. It’s all about degrees of…
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