Casselton, Home Of Governors And Skunks (Seriously, There’s No Punchline)

CASSELTON, N.D. — This small city 25 miles west of Fargo on I-94 is known as the “Home of Five Governors,” a record for North Dakota. Andrew Horace Burke, Bill Langer, Bill Guy, George Sinner and the state’s current chief executive, Jack Dalrymple, all hail from Casselton. “Must be something in the water,” the city…
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Bresciani Puts Out A Fire That Should’ve Never Been Started

FARGO — The mighty North Dakota State athletic program has its tail between its legs today after being forced to rescind asinine new media guidelines that would’ve restricted the way some outlets cover the football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams. I guess the local yokels won out over the National Brand. (For now. I…
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Cullen’s Return To Penguins In Question, Says NHL Destination ‘A Work In Progress’

MOORHEAD — Matt Cullen will spend this weekend celebrating the return of the Stanley Cup to his hometown. The Moorhead High graduate has a full slate scheduled Saturday to show off the most recognizable trophy in professional sports. So for a couple of days Cullen will put aside the work of finding a place to…
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AUDIO: Dom Izzo One Last Time From Philly

WDAY-TV Channel 6 sports director Dom Izzo joined my radio show on 970 WDAY this morning to chat about former NDSU quarterback Carson Wentz’s training camp start with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Maris On Hickok Belt: ‘The Top Award An Athlete Can Win. It’s Tops.’

FARGO — It is likely most of the visitors to West Acres Mall who perused the items in the Roger Maris Museum had no idea what the Hickok Belt was before Tuesday. That was the day a thief broke into the shopping center and stole the ornate belt from an enclosed glass case. The clueless…
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