We’re Hosed: Frankie MacDonald Says N.D. Going To Get Hit By Massive Snowstorm

FARGO — Buckle-up, North Dakota. World-famous weather forecaster Frankie MacDonald says the state is going to get hit by a major snowstorm this week. He says the storm, which could drop 20 to 30 centimeters of snow, will hit North Dakota on Friday, Nov. 18. You can watch it here: Local weather forecasters and meteorologists…
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‘Mike McFeely Show,’ 11-14-16

970 WDAY’s “Mike McFeely Show” from Monday, Nov. 14, 2016. Guests included WDAY meterologist Jared Piepenburg, Forum sportswriter Jeff Kolpack, WDAY-TV sports reporter Dom Izzo and humanities scholar and author Clay Jenkinson.

A Belated Veterans Day Thank You To My Dad

(NOTE: Here’s a column I wrote for Veterans Day 2015.) The usual Veterans Day routine goes like this: Open the doors to the home-office closet, pull down the box filled with Dad’s military papers and mementoes, shut the office door, page through the stuff, wipe away a couple of tears, feel guilty, put the items…
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Moorhead Votes Big For Clinton, Bucking Trend In Rural Minnesota

MOORHEAD –I always enjoy looking at Election Day voting statistics from the city in which I live, Moorhead. It truly is a tiny island of blue in sea of red in western Minnesota. As has been the case for the last several election cycles, the city of Moorhead voted strongly for for Democrats on Tuesday,…
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Blizzard Of N.D. Republican Campaign Ads Flying Into Mailboxes

Fargo If nothing else, North Dakota Democrats are making Republicans sweat. The sheer volume of GOP campaign mailers landing in Fargo and West Fargo mailboxes would indicate that. The tone of some of the material would, too. Some of it is downright nasty and personal, which is the norm in national and federal politics these…
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