Prediction: Ponyland Zoning Change Will Pass Fargo City Commission On Monday

The Fargo City Commission meeting Monday at 5 p.m. might have some fireworks. The commissioners will vote on whether to grant a zoning change to plot of land in north Fargo commonly known as Ponyland. It is on the regular agenda, designated as public hearing “m” under item 31: Zoning Change from SR-4, Single-Dwelling Residential…
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VIDEO: Tanker In Minnesota Explodes

A tanker car in Callaway, Minn., exploded late Thursday night as the WDAY-TV Channel 6 crew on scene was preparing to go live.

What’s Going On In Moorhead? Same Old, Same Old

“What’s going on in Moorhead?” That question has been asked of me several times this week and the answer I respond with is always the same: “I don’t know.” The questioners are referring to the bizarre city council meeting Monday night during which council person Brenda Elmer called for an impromptu job-performance review of city…
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Nebraska’s New License Plate Is Worse Than North Dakota’s

North Dakotans are miffed about the design for their new license plates. They are also miffed because apparently the state paid dearly to have somebody else design it. Personally, I like North Dakota’s old license plate better than the new one, but I don’t think the latest design is all that cringeworthy. It has a…
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Remember Bison Fans: Wentz Dropping In Draft Would Cost Him Millions

Bison fans have spoken about the blog I wrote yesterday regarding their reaction if former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz doesn’t get drafted as high in the first round as expected. My thesis was that fans will be disappointed if Wentz goes, say, 15th in the first round as opposed to second, where most…
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