Chief Todd Shows Outstanding Leadership

Leadership is sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. Sometimes preening, sometimes subtle. Sometimes self-important, sometimes generous. Fargo police chief David Todd showed leadership Sunday that was quiet, subtle and remarkably generous. And it is important. When Todd issued a statement on Facebook urging the community to support the wife and son of the murderer of officer Jason…
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People Trying To Help Schumacher Family Urge Patience

The positive response to my column this morning in The Forum, asking for support and sympathy for the family of the shooter in the death of Fargo police officer Jason Moszer, has been remarkable. For that, I thank you. But one thing some people are overlooking is a paragraph that read: “There are a handful…
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Reader: Many Jobs Riskier Than Being A Police Officer

A reader named Jake Wilson sent me an e-mail today that took issue with my column on slain Fargo police officer Jason Moszer. My thesis was that law-enforcement officers have uniquely dangerous jobs and we, the public, should understand and respect that. Wilson says there are many jobs in North Dakota more risky than being…
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AUDIO: Eyewitness To Standoff In North Fargo

Forum deputy editor Heidi Shaffer lives in the north Fargo neighborhood in which a standoff occurred Wednesday night and Thursday morning. She shared her story on the “Mike McFeely Show” on 970 WDAY. The standoff resulted in the mortal wounding of Fargo police officer Jason Moszer and the death of the shooter.

AUDIO: Ellen Chaffee Unhappy With Lack Of Diversity In North Dakota Higher Ed Leadership

Former Valley City State and Mayville State president Ellen Chaffee joined “The Mike McFeely Show” on Wednesday morning and discussed her unhappiness with the selection process for a new president at UND and with the lack of women in leadership positions in the North Dakota higher education system in general.