The Dad Who Posted Video Of His Kid Running To School As Punishment Is Not SuperDad

The viral video showing a 10-year-old running to school as punishment for misbehaving isn’t quite as awesome as you think. Also, WDAY-TV reporter Kevin Wallevand; WDAY-TV sports director Dom Izzo; marijuana talk; F-M diversion talk.

Attorney For Golfer Banned From Oxbow CC For Alleged Cocaine Use Says His Client Suffered ‘Reputational Assassination’

Minneapolis attorney Andrew Parker, representing West Fargo real-estate agent Aaron Greterman, says his client suffered “reputational assassination” when members and board members of Oxbow Country Club banned Greterman from the club for alleged cocaine use and told people about it. Parker says Greterman did not use cocaine on the course, and has never used cocaine,…
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Cramer’s Son Transferred To Mayo, Organ Transplant Possible

Rep. Kevin Cramer, North Dakota’s lone member of the U.S. House of Representatives, says doctors are evaluating his son for possible organ transplant. Cramer shared the information in a Facebook post Tuesday. Isaac Cramer, the 35-year-old stepson of Kevin and Kris Cramer, was hospitalized in critical condition last month after suffering failing liver and kidneys.…
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Skeptical A $15 Minimum Wage Is Going Anywhere In North Dakota, But Not Liking The Arguments Against It

Scott Nodland, the man behind a petition that would raise the minimum wage in North Dakota to $15 an hour, was a guest. Host Mike McFeely doesn’t believe the push is going to make much headway, but doesn’t like some of the excuses made by those opposed. Also, snowblowing tips; The Forum’s and WDAY-TV’s Robin…
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Before Saying ‘No,’ Maybe We Could Discuss A Performing Arts Center In Fargo

Dayna Del Val of The Arts Partnership visits about a potential performing arts center in Fargo, and her reaction to a city commissioner coming out strongly against it this early in the process; the Farm Bill, Trump and farmers; Academy Awards recap with Kyle Iverson; Clay Jenkinson makes his weekly visit.