A Show About Nothing, Except For The End When Clay Jenkinson Is A Guest

Columbus Day, Halloween candy, city commission voting, West Fargo schools, Teddy Bridgewater — all topics in an unfocused Monday show. The saving grace was wonderful commentary by our friend Clay Jenkinson in the last half-hour.

Indiana State Football Needs A Jolt Of … Many Things

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Memorial Stadium is a three-mile drive from the campus of Indiana State University. The best way to get to the stadium from the campus is by heading east on Wabash Ave., the main drag through downtown Terre Haute. One word comes to the mind of a visitor from Fargo while making…
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Previewing The Bison-Indiana State Game From Terre Haute

Host Mike McFeely broadcasts from Terre Haute to preview the North Dakota State vs. Indiana State football game. Bison players Lance Dunn and Nate Tanguay join the show, as does ISU assistant athletic director John Sherman and radio play-by-play man Luke Martin.

In Which We Discuss Special Assessments, Tacos And Catalonia

Host Mike McFeely gripes about his phone not working, the Minnesota Twins losing, special assessments and pretty much everything else. Also, North Dakota State political science professor Thomas Ambrosio makes his weekly appearance; and gardening guru Don Kinzler does his weekly bit.

Bremer: Media Worked Up Over Wildcard Format Only Because Yankees Might Lose To Twins

Minnesota Twins TV broadcaster Dick Bremer joined the program a day early for his weekly segment and previewed the American League Wildcard game between the Twins and New York Yankees. He said pundits are saying the Wildcard format is “unfair” only because there’s a chance the Yankees might lose. Also, WDAY-TV’s and The Forum’s Robin…
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