Forum Columnist Wants Woodrow Wilson High School’s Name Changed

Forum columnist and 970 WDAY contributor Jim Shaw joined the program to chat about his column in Sunday’s newspaper in which he called for Woodrow Wilson High School’s name to be changed ┬ábecause, Shaw said, the former president was a racist and authoritarian war president. Also, The Forum’s Robin Huebner made her weekly appearance and…
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LISTEN: A Lively Discussion About Manufactured Outrage With Clay Jenkinson

Author, scholar, radio host, Renaissance Man and all-around good guy Clay Jenkinson was on my show today for his weekly bit. We had fun talking about social media and the lack of actual discussion and debate in this country. Listen:

Fargo Convention Center ‘Not Very Close’ To Being Built

Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau director Charley Johnson joined the show to chat about all the discussion around a convention center in the city. Fact is, there hasn’t been a lot of progress made and Charley is trying to change that. Also, Dayna Del Val of The Arts Partnership previews the State of the Arts…
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What Will Come Of The N.D. Summit On Innovative Education?

Ted Dintersmith, a proponent of education innovation who will be a member of the governor’s panel on that subject next week, joined the show to talk about his film “Most Likely to Succeed.” Also, bicyclists draw host Mike McFeely’s ire and he shares some thoughts on President Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris…
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Do Downtown Fargo Bar Fights Scare Away Customers?

A downtown Fargo fight over the weekend in which one guy KO’d two other guys was the most interesting local news nugget. Do fights deter people from going downtown? Also, the manslaughter trial in the shooting of Philando Castile begins; Frank Sinatra documentary; and our weekly visit with Clay Jenkinson.