UPDATED: Cramer Just Can’t Help Trying To Be The Trumpiest Of All

In his never-ending obsession to paint The Media as hating on Donald Trump, Kevin Cramer used a twisted defense of White House spokesman Sean Spicer that is garnering North Dakota’s lone U.S. representative national attention. Capital T, capital M on The Media, by the way, because we’re all on the same team to work against Making…
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North Fargo Residents Complaining About Another Development Project

A student-housing project next to the North Dakota State campus has north Fargo residents — and a city commissioner — complaining again. A commissioner in support of the project, Tony Grindberg, joined the program to address some of the concerns. Also, Minnesota Twins play by play broadcaster Dick Bremer talks about Byron Buxton’s slow start;…
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Saying The Man Dragged Off United Plane Was In The Wrong Is Just Wrong

Host Mike McFeely riffs on the United Airlines controversy. Also, the West Fargo teacher who got in trouble for tweeting; WDAY-TV’s and The Forum’s Robin Huebner; and Minnesota Rep. Ben Lien.

In Which We Argue About Free College Tuition And Teddy Roosevelt’s Library

A smorgasbord of a Monday show. Free college tuition, a cool/weird house on Pelican Lake, oil extraction taxes, Clay Jenkinson on Theodore Roosevelt and more!

NDSU Professor Analyzes U.S. Missile Strike In Syria

North Dakota political science professor Thomas Ambrosio provided excellent analysis of the U.S. missile strike on Syria. Also, U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp makes a statement on the strike; and WDAY-TV sports director Dom Izzo drops by to chat about the Minnesota Twins and the NDSU football team’s spring practice.