After Horrific Motorcycle Crash In Fargo, We Talk Safety

A terrible motorcycle crash in Fargo claimed the life of a 24-year-old man, and host Mike McFeely talked about it. Also, Bismarck author Clay Jenkinson comforted Mike on the fact his daughter will soon be driving; and the quest for an authentic pork tenderloin sandwich in Fargo continues.

Post On 7th District GOP’s Facebook Page Calls Rep. Ellison A ‘Muslim Goat Humper’

A post on the Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican’s Facebook page included a vitriolic meme that called U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota a “Muslim Goat Humper.” The post was up for several hours before being removed Monday evening. I e-mailed 7th District GOP chairman Craig Bishop, asking for the name of the person who…
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UPDATE: The Cleanup Week Boat Has Been Claimed

UPDATED at 8 a.m. Tuesday: The boat that was left on the curb for Cleanup Week in north Moorhead has been taken. I drove by the house this morning on the way to work and it was gone. A Facebook post from Monday night said a couple of guys were loading up the boat to…
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Where Can I Find A Great Pork Tenderloin Sandwich Around Here?

My friend and long-ago mentor, Nicholas Vlahos, who gets mad at me sometimes on Facebook because I’m a level-headed reasonable progressive and he’s a wild-eyed loony-tune conservative, had a great online column posted Friday morning for his newspaper, the Peoria Journal-Star. How’s that for a long, clause-filled sentence? Anyway, Nick wrote about one of the…
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Beer, Fishing, Movies And Other Weekend Stuff

It was Craft Beer Friday on the program, so Jamie Coppin of Bernie’s Wines and Liquor stopped by to chat about the latest brews. Als0, angler Tony Mariotti gives the update on the crappies bite around Detroit Lakes, Minn.; and the latest info on a new movie opening in Fargo.