When ‘He’s Just Doing His Job’ Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse

Being a fake member of the fake media passing off fake news to unsuspecting consumers doesn’t tend to endear you to the public. Even after 30 years in the business, I can’t get used to people taking two steps back and dousing themselves in disinfectant when I introduce myself as a newspaper writer and talk-show…
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LISTEN: ‘Negative Dave’ Puts A Wrap On The Minnesota Wild Season

Twin Cities sports Twitter commentator “Negative Dave” joined “The Mike McFeely Show” on Tuesday to wrap up the Minnesota Wild’s playoff series loss to the St. Louis  Blues. He was negative.

Lawyer Blaming 16-Year-Old Student For Having Sex With Teacher Is Reprehensible

West Fargo lawyer Robert Hoy defended a Grand Forks, N.D., teacher who was convicted of having sex with a minor student. In his defense, Hoy said the student was “asking for it,” among other things. Host Mike McFeely goes off on the lawyer in this episode. Also, WDAY-TV’s and The Forum’s Robin Huebner with her…
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Revealing Some Documents In The Aborted NDSU Land-Swap Deal

Host Mike McFeely obtained documents through an open-records request relating to an amendment attached to North Dakota House Bill 2003, which would have facilitated a land swap between a Fargo developer and North Dakota State University. Also, state Rep. Corey Mock gives his thoughts on the latest budget outlook for North Dakota; weekly guest Clay…
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On Campaign Donations And Kevin Cramer

Host Mike McFeely riffs on campaign donations to Rep. Kevin Cramer made by pipeline and oil companies. Also, AgWeek TV host Shawna Olson.