‘Magical’: Angler Catches Gold-colored Crappie

A Wisconsin angler made the catch of a lifetime last week when he hauled in a gold-colored crappie from the Fox River, according to a report on WLUK-TV.

Steve Volkman was trying to catch common black crappies from the river in downtown Neenah, Wis., which is located near Green Bay. Black crappies are normally speckled with black, white and green scales. Friday morning, Volkman reeled in crappie that was normal in seemingly every other way, but it was colored like a goldfish.

A Wisconsin DNR fisheries biologist said the unusual catch had a pigment mutation.

“We were as stumped as the angler when it came in,” said Ryan Koenigs, DNR wenior fisheries biologist.

golden crappie 1

golden crappie 2

The fish measured 10 1/2 inches long, was a female and was full of eggs.

Koenigs said he’d heard of one other golden crappie, caught about three years ago in the nearby Chippewa Flowage.

Volkman said he is going to get the fish mounted.

“It’s a one-time, one-in-a-lifetime thing I believe,” said Volkman’s fishing buddy, Donnie Lornson.

Here’s the story from WLUK: